01 Seleucus I, Ecbatana

SCADS16 Seleucus I SC 202Ad



Silver tetradrachm, Alexandrine type

Triton 14, 4 Jan 2011, 357

SC 202Ad

Obv.: Head of young Heracles r. in lion skin headdress, dotted border.

Rev.: ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ on r., Zeus enthroned l., holding eagle and scepter, dotted border.

Seleucid symbol (on l. above): HORNED HORSE HEAD r.

Mintmark (on l., below): HORSE FOREPART grazing l.

Inner left field control
Left field control

Symbol (beneath throne): EIGHT-RAYED STAR WITHIN SQUARE (?)

Reference: San Rafael, California, MNL collection, ex Triton 14, 4 January 2011, lot 357.


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