06 Antiochus Hierax, Parium

SCADS28 Antiochus Hierax SC 835.6Ad



Silver tetradrachm, Apollo on omphalos type

Gemini 11 lot 230o

SC 835.6Ad

Obv.: Diademed head of young king r., probably Antiochus Hierax.

Rev.: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ on l., Apollo, draped, seated l. on omphalos, testing arrow and resting l. hand on grounded bow.

Inner left control: STAR

Exergue control
Exergue control

Obverse die link with SC 835.2-6.

Hoard: 2012 Commerce 190s Hoard.

Reference: Gemini 11, 12 January 2014, lot 230.


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