38 Antiochus XII, Damascus

SCADS35 Antiochus XII SC 2472.1Ad



SC 2472.1 Ad

 Silver tetradrachm, local Hadad type

CNG 96, 14 May 2014,  552 SC 2472 var 

Obv.: Diademed head of Antiochus XII r., with short, curly beard, fillet border.

Rev.: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ  in three lines on r., ΦΙΛΟΠΑΤΟΡΟΣ ΚΑΛΛΙΝΙΚΟΥ in two lines on l., cult image of Hadad standing facing on double basis, holding barley stalk, flanked by bull foreparts of bull to l. and r., laurel wreath border.

Date (in exergue): ΗΚΣ (S.E. 228 = 85/4 B.C.)

Outer left controls (above and below)
Outer left controls
(above and below)

Reference: San Rafael, California, MNL collection, ex CNG 96, 14 May 2014, lot 552. See Hoover, Houghton and Vesely, p. 336, 9.

Die Study: O. Hoover, A. Houghton and P. Vesely, “The Silver Mint of Damascus under Demetrius III and Antiochus XII (97/6 B.C.-83/2 B.C.),” AJN 20 (2008), 305-336.

This entry corrects the lower control of SC 2472.1, and adds the most recent die study of the Damascus tetradrachms of Antiochus XII.


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