21 Antiochus VI, Apamea

SCADS52 Antiochus VI SC 2010.1Ad



Silver Tetradrachm, Dioscuri type  

SC 2010.1Ad

Obv.: Radiate and diademed head of Antiochus VI r., one diadem end flying up behind, the other falling forward over shoulder, fillet border.

Rev.: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ in two lines above, ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΔΙΟΝΥΣΟΥ in two lines below, Dioscuri charging l. on horseback, with couched spears, within Dionysiac wreath of laurel, grain, lotus, ivy, and vine leaves.

Date (beneath horses): ΘΞΡ (SE 169 = 144/3 B.C.)

Obverse symbol (behind head): STAR

Mintmark (to l.): THYRSUS

Control (to r., above): ΤΡΥ

Right control (below)
Right control (below)

Reference: CH 10, p. 218, D1891.

Hoard: Gaziantep Hoard 1994 (CH 9, 527; CH 10, 308)

Adds the obverse STAR symbol to SC 2010.1.


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