23 Antiochus VII, Seleucia on the Calycadnus

SCADS64 Antiochus VII SC 2049.3 Corr.



Silver tetradrachm, local standing Athena Nicephorus type

GM 220, 11 Mar 2014, 1426

SC 2049.3 Corr.

Obv.: Diademed head of Antiochus VII r., diadem ends falling straight behind, fillet border.

Rev.: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ in two lines on r., ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤΟΥ on l., Athena standing l., holding Nike facing r. and offering wreath, resting l. hand on shield, spear behind.

Mintmark (outer l.): FLOWER

Symbol (inner l.): FEATHERY BRANCH

Exergue controls
Exergue controls

Reference: San Rafael, California, MNL collection, ex Gorny & Mosch 220, 11 March 2014, lot 1426.

Obverse die link with SC 2049.1-2.

The coin shows controls that were off flan on SC 2049.3. Interestingly, the ΙΣΙ primary control employed at Seleucia on the Calycadnus for other issues of Antiochus VII does not appear here, but rather controls that prefigure those employed during the first and second reigns of Antiochus VIII (121/0-114/13 and 112-96 B.C., respectively) in the city.


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