23 Antiochus VII, Antioch

SCADS65 Antiochus VII SC 2061.1Ad



Silver tetradrachm, standing Athena Nicephorus type


SC 2061.1Ad

Obv.: Diademed head of Antiochus VII r., diadem ends falling straight behind, fillet border.

Rev.: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΑΝΤΙΟΧΟΥ in two lines on r., ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤΟΥ on l., Athena standing l., holding Nike in r. and resting l. hand on grounded  shield and extending r. beyond royal epithet, where she supports Nike l., extending wreath into border, spear propped against Athena’s arm, laurel wreath border.

Date (in exergue): ΔΟΡ (S.E. 174 = 139/8 B.C.)

Outer left primary control (a) above secondary control (b)

Reference: Tupelo, MS, B. Bowlin collection, ex Rauch ESale, 18 September 2013, lot 344.

Almost certainly the first issue of Antiochus VII at Antioch, before the date was removed. Controls as SC 2061.1e.


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