16 Demetrius I, Antioch

SCADS66 Demetrius I SC 1633-1640Ad



Silver tetradrachm, Tyche type

SC 1633-1640Ad

Obv.: Diademed head of Demetrius I r., diadem ends hanging straight behind, laurel wreath border.

Rev.: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ on r., ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ ΣΩΤΗΡΟΣ in two lines on l., Tyche seated l. on backless throne with winged tritoness support, holding short sceptre and cornucopiae.

Reference: CH 10, p. 211, D1606-7

Outer left control
Outer left control

Hoard: Gaziantep Hoard 1994 (CH 9, 527; CH 10, 308)

This coin was recorded by E. Levante in Beirut, but either the control or attribution is in error. No other known tetradrachm with the epithet Soter  has this control, although a similar control occurs on SC 1625, an unattributed issue of Cilicia or Northern Syria that lacks the epithet.

The coin is listed here under Antioch as a placemarker.


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