01 Seleucus I, Ecbatana, Seleucus I, Susa

SCADS72 Seleucus I plated issue SC 204.4




Copper tetradrachm, seated Zeus Aetophorus type

Susa Plated

Cf. SC 204.4

Obv.: Head of young Heracles in lion skin headdress r. (dotted border?).

Rev.: Traces of inscription to r. and in exergue, Zeus seated l. on throne resting l. hand on sceptre and holding eagle in outstretched r.

Outer left control (mostly off flan)
Outer left control (mostly off flan)

Possible control under throne.

Reference: Private California collection (formerly AHNS)

Although the style of Heracles on the obverse suggests the use of a Susa tetradrachm as a model, the apparent left field control seems to suggest Ecbatana.


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