01 Seleucus I, Seleucia on the Tigris, Seleucus I

SCADS73 Seleucus I plated issue SC 130



Silver plated tetradrachm, elephant chariot type

CNG E Sale 100, 27 Oct 2004, 62, 13.74 g, Plated

Cf. SC 130

Obv.: Laureate head of Zeus r., dotted border.

Rev.: Blundered legends (curving) to l., and in exergue, Athena in elephant quadriga r., brandishing spear and shield, dotted border.

Seleucid symbol (upper field): ANCHOR

Controls: None visible

Reference: CNG EAuction 100, 21 October 2004, lot 62.

Elephant chariot tetradrachms lacking controls are not known in the regular coinage of Seleucus I struck at Seleucia on the Tigris and Susa. However, a terracotta “token” from Seleucia on the Tigris in the ANS collection (1944.100.44991), apparently cast from a mould made from an actual coin, also lacks control marks. Unfortunately, it is impossible to determine the status (official, imitative, or plated) of the original coin used for the “token.” The quality of the legend on the “token” is certainly superior to that of SCADS73.

Terracotta "token" from Seleucia on the Tigris (ANS 1944.100.44991)

Terracotta “token” from Seleucia on the Tigris
(ANS 1944.100.44991)

For a plated chariot tetradrachm with correct legend and no controls, see SCADS74.

See SCADS77 and SCADS78 for elephant chariot tetradrachms lacking controls probably struck at a mint in Persis or Bactria.


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